Hotel Training Course

Since its establishment, Bali Mandarin Center has trained a large number of Chinese speaking staff for the major hotels,  airport, police department and tourism industry in Bali.

The Graduation Celebration with Certificate at Polda Bali ( Bali Police Department )


Food & Beverage Live Culture Class

Mandarin- English Interpretation for Executive Chef Sanya Edition Resort Sammy Zou at Senggigi Resort Lombok

Beginner Level Introduction


Mandarin Hospitality Beginner Proposal Sample

The teaching materials of each level can be customised for real work scene and vocabulary upon the request from hotels or companies.The course normally includes 6-8 selective dialogues, 50-70 practical sentences and 300-500 basic vocabulary. The learning material can be learnt within 2-3 months and allows your team to communicate with Chinese tourists and guests more confidently in the shortest time.

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