Short-Term Study

Bali Mandarin Center has been cooperating with Bali international schools for providing short term international study experience from kindergarten to high school .Students can experience international study environment through short term, to discuss with classmates from different backgrounds in English from all over the world and forge a profound international friendship.

Registration is available throughout the year; short-term study can be arranged for 1-4 weeks upon you require ; textbooks and school uniforms are provided.

The inquires and registration as following :

  1. Send an email to or through WeChat dewbedt 2008 (Bali Mandarin Center) for the inquires about the registration & price; the price for all international schools & age groups ranging from 3000-5000 RMB/week accordingly;
  2. Based on the English proficiency test result and age, confirm the enrolment
  3. Pay the deposit of 50% for the confirmed study period and fill out the school registration form with student’s related photo copies
  4. School will send a copy of textbooks ,class daily schedule and related school information
  5. Prior to 1-2 day of study, arranging for the school tour, school uniforms and study materials given, class teacher meeting& discussion
  6. Pay for the 50% rest fee
  7. Attending International class
  8. Short-term international school graduation photo, farewell party and certificate of << Competition of Short Term International School Study >>
Chen Churou, Grade 7 student from Jiang’an District, Wuhan (back fourth from right),farewell gathering with all her international classmates.


Copy of Text Paper for Science Subject


Copy of Text Paper for Math Subject


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