China Culture Seminar

Hospitality Seminar: Welcoming Guests from China !

Bali Mandarin Center provides 1/2 day or 1 day seminar for hotels and companies to approach Chinese customers with better service , while also with better understanding with some Chinese culture , etiquette and table manners.

China has a long history, profound cultural heritage, involving with a large number of dining customs and communication etiquette. Through 1/2 day or Full Day Cultural Seminar, it can help your team understand with more Chinese customs & taboos in the shortest time, in order to break through cultural barriers to provide better services.

The seminar also includes learning simple and practical Chinese conversations, such as greetings, F&B vocabulary and etc to help your team to gain more confidence in workplace. In the final session of the cultural seminar, each participant will receive a Certificate of <<Completion of Chinese Culture Seminar>>.

So far we have offered our 1 day seminar to our satisfying customers with our China Culture Seminar such as Ritz- Carlton Bali, Inaya Putri and Padma Ubud etc.

Below are the run down  schedule for1/2 day and Full day  Chinese Culture Seminar :

1. Half-day Cultural Seminar


2. Full-day Cultural Seminar

Arranging for Stenden University Bali for Chinese Medical Seminar upon the Request

*Contents of seminar or time schedule can be customized upon the request .

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