File Translation

Bali Mandarin Center offers translation service for Mandarin – English, as well as other major languages, such as Japanese, Korean, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic and etc . All translators are from native speakers.

Below are our translation steps with a structured system to make sure the translation is performed speedily and accurately with top grammatical standard with FREE proofreading:

  1. File Review – Upon the receiving the to-be translated file, we require the editable documents, such as Words, Excel or PFD (allowed to be copied & paste).
  2. Page/Word Count – Our translations are priced based on the wording 300 words, 12 pt Times New Roman font on a standard page of English text, all langue translation with the standard price Rp 280.000/page, including free proofreading; word accounting does not include any picture space or other irrelevant contents.
  3. Sales Quotation Proposal – Based on the actual wordings, we will send the price proposal for customers to confirm. Processing Translation – For under 10 pages, it can be delivered within max 3 working days ; while more than 10 pages within max 7 working days.
  4. Proofreading – The translated text is FREE proofread by native translator for accuracy, grammar and spelling upon the completion of design and editing.
  5. Speedy Translation – If the documents required to be delivered on the same day, an extra 50% speedy fee will be applied.
  6. Proofreading – If documents only require proofreading service, Rp70.000/page, 300 English words (New Roman, font 12).
  7. Deposit – 50% deposit is required prior to translation, and the rest of 50% payment within 7 working days upon the date of delivery.
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